Amtrust Warranty Offer Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Warranties and Protect-it Card

AMT warranty corp gives services agreements for products through extended service programs as well as original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranties. Amtrust warranty designed extended warranties to help customers manage the price and inconveniences of product failures, an ESP could be bought for just a fraction of what people today would generally spend for service repair.

AMT Warranty  Corp offers the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Warranties. 
Amtrust warranty could certainly handle the management and administration of such programs to drive down cost as well as increase customer's satisfaction. 
Features of the OEM administration include:

Warranty Program AnalysisWarranty plus Service Program DesignWarranty Business Processing ManagementOrder Acceptance ProcessingClaims ManagementCall Center ManagementReportingUnderwritingRegulatory Compliance AdministrationWarranty Program TrainingAdvanced Statistical AnalysisProgram Performance Evaluation


The Protect-it card provides retailers and distributors a practical technique to grow their extended service plan (ESP) business. This technique of offering extended service plans, with the tangibility of the wallet-sized cards, is actually offered to your consumers in a broad wide range of categories along with value alternatives and is easy for you to implement. All you will need to do is pay for the card from AMT Warranty then sell it to your consumers - rest is certainly taken care by AMT warranty representative. 


Precisely what is so wonderful about the program?


It is really a great easy-to-implement program.


AMT handles all of the administration of Protect-it plans.


AMT uses state-of-the-art web-based applications for tracking plans.Protect-it delivers both repair plans and replacement programs, ranging from two to five years.


The program is certainly uncomplicated for your consumers to make use of.


 With the extended service program such as Protect-it, retailers and distributors may enjoy a program that could generate growth in their ESP business, plus many extra-added benefits, for example:


Protect-it offered by Amtrust warranty is often a good choice for retailers who want to enhance revenues and profits.Retailers who work with experts for their ESPs understand stronger program growth as compared to retailers who administer their own programs.Protect-it allows build client loyalty by providing trustworthy, hassle-free ESPs.ESPs are available for a vast range of industries, so your products are covered. 


Cards offered by AMT warranty corp are out there in the following categories:


Consumer Electronic Replacement


Consumer Electronic Repair


Notebook Computers


Desktop Computers


Plasma / Micro display Televisions


Digital Cameras / Camcorders




Power & Lawn and Garden Tools Replacement


Power & Lawn and Garden Tools Repair

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