Enhancing Customer Service and Profit Margins One ESP at a Time

In today’s highly competitive retail marketplace, providing valuable add-on services is essential to increasing profitability and enhancing customer satisfaction. But, determining the value of an extended service plan (ESP) is often in the eye of the beholder. For some consumers, it’s seen as a security blanket, knowing their investment is protected long after the manufacturer's warranty runs out. Others, however, see warranty plans as another line item on their receipt that they can’t justify during challenging economic times. As retailers look to bolster profit margins in times of flat sales, it’s important to drive home the benefits ESPs offer consumers above and beyond the warranty terms and conditions. 
One Size Doesn’t Fit All
In light of slumping retail sales, extended warranty programs have become an essential and profitable value-add for retailers. Extended warranty plans such as product replacement programs, extended service plans, on-site service and comprehensive service programs offer distinctly different options to help customize a plan that best suits the consumer. By knowing the specifics, your staff will be better equipped to capitalize on the value these plans offer.
Satisfaction Guaranteed?
The only way to have valuable dialogue with the consumer is to have a well-represented team selling products and the services associated with them. Generally, there are four factors that go through the consumer’s mind when considering an ESP: 
1. Value of item being purchased
2. Price of extended warranty
3. Length of manufacturer's warranty
4. Length of extended warranty and date coverage begins
Through various sales tactics and techniques, your sales team can re-engage the consumer beyond the normal talking points by highlighting the services your warranty provider offers that often get overlooked: 
1. Save time and money — If a product fails during the extended term, the consumer will not have to deal with repair hassles or bills because either a replacement (delivered same day or next day) or repair of the product will be handled by the provider. Locating an approved service center by the consumer’s ZIP Code is also a valuable time savings. 
2. Ongoing support — For ongoing product support or questions about a plan, consumers can call a dedicated toll-free ESP hotline for inquiries or other details during the term of their extended warranty.
3. Trusted partner — The extended warranty plan is attached to the consumer, not the store. Since the rate of foreclosures and bankruptcies are up in today’s economy, it never hurts to point out the ownership aspect of the ESP.
The Bottom Line
The world of consumer electronics is cut throat — profit margins are slim, and prices have to remain competitive or stores lose business. For retailers, finding new ways to increase profits are not easy to come by. But, ESPs cost virtually nothing to market, take up little to no inventory space and are easy to promote. Retail personnel, especially, are in a unique position to sell extended plans to consumers because the transaction takes place live, in-person and at the point of purchase. Timing is definitely part of the sales equation, but selling value to an informed consumer provides better customer service and sought-after profit margins.





AMT Service Corp Gives Home Warranty Program for Homeowners Protection

AMT Warranty
AMT Warranty

AMT Warranty is undoubtedly committed to supporting consumers secure their most precious asset their house.


Experience says that numerous home appliances require repair work after they have been in use for as little as 5yrs.


In fact, most homeowners will experience several different mechanical or electrical problems year after year that can easily cost them as much as $1,000 in repair charges.


As an illustration, heating and air conditioning systems commonly will need substantial maintenance after 7 years and routinely will need replacement after 12-15 years. When a home’s HVAC system stops working, repair costs could go over $1,500.


Around 25% of the aforementioned repair costs can pay for an AMT Service Corp Protection plan. AMT offers an amazing discount for warranty consumers as well.


The AMT Warranty Home Warranty Program offers house owners with year-round security towards mechanical breakdowns for a number of covered systems and home appliances.


Policy coverage program by AMT Service Corp is for 1 year and payable yearly or in monthly instalments.


Base Protection: 


Heating System (up to $1,500)

AC/Cooler (up to $1,500)

Internal Plumbing System (up to $500)

Ductwork (up to $500)

Water Heater (up to $500)

Internal Electrical System


Range/Oven/Cook top

Built in Microwave


Optionally available Coverage: 


Pool and Spa

Washer and Dryer

Trash Compactor

Septic System

Kitchen Refrigerator

Stand Alone Freezer


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Deciding your product mix with Amtrust Warranty

Generally, mathematical algorithms along with statistical strategies joined with software tools are needed within the whole process of data mining. The output is the simple to operate software that's further utilised by non-mathematicians to correctly evaluate the info. The whole process of data mining is used in several applications for example studying client characteristics, market exploration, direct marketing, genetics, text evaluation, scams determination, e-commerce industry, building warranty products, financial services, customer management etc.


Role of data mining with business intelligence in accordance to AMT Service Corp


However, business intelligence is often a much wider arena of problem solving. Business intelligence uses data mining as one of the most well known resources to make the information much more related in different applications. The particular data mining is coupled with business intelligence and is utilized in text mining, relational databases, audio data mining etc. to really make the data ideal for future functions.


In recent years, business intelligence has come up as an answer aiding companies attain their set goals of profit optimization. It's no longer merely a smart support technique. Considering that, managers are needed to take a variety of vital decisions every day in an organization consequently reasonable along with well-timed conclusions are obligatory. Organizations must concentrate on consumers and opposition factors too with concentrating on intrinsic scenarios.


To assemble the information from several methods, data mining can be clubbed with business intelligence to meet all those requirements. Business intelligence continues to be established as an optimal solution within enterprises supporting thousands attain the objectives of profit optimisation. Business intelligence presents host of advantages in developing warranty items in an firm.


Lowering costs in companies


Normally, administrators have to get information and facts from various sources as to why the business outcomes of several certain months are low. This utilizes a lot of time and cost. However, with BI methods, info is fetched via a number of sources along with aids professionals evaluate the outcomes. This reduces the actual expenses considering that paying for BI solution is all one business demands. Aside from this, BI solutions likewise trim down the consumption of time. To paraphrase, extracting data right away is a superb answer to lower your expenses as well as enrich proficiency of the business.


AMT Warranty - Extracting Low-quality products 


BI answers enable managers understand about the unbeneficial products consuming cost by data mining and also remove these immediately. The key performance indicators or KPIs are usually measured therefore, substandard quality products are wiped out.


Look at the actual efficiency of promotion programs along with AMT Service Corp


BI alternatives helps in issuing an evaluation report of the promotion activities by gathering data of sales, expenditure, customers, products as well as income. It will help administrators monitor the particular programs that were effective in past and can be implemented yet again, if necessary.


Examine rivals, broaden market share the Amtrust Warranty method


Quite possibly the most essential of any business is to know about the particular competitor’s potential. Consequently, BI remedies assist the managers examine competitors list as well as put together a checklist of prospects. It may help in computing sales, customers, reviews of promotion strategies, hence supporting administrators with expanding strategies.


The usage of business intelligence and data mining has drastically aided corporations in developing powerful ways to develop the particular company. It's been bringing out smart and also quick ways to assist agencies drastically. Even though every small or large scale company is deploying effective BI solutions yet there are numerous such assessments envisioned in years to come.



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Conducting business with AMT Warranty a cakewalk

With the different programs supplied, AMT Warranty might help various marketplaces along with industries with their extended service as well as warranty needs. From a retailer who markets electronic products to a producer of power tools, AMT possesses the expertise to aid grow along with boost customer services for the particular enterprise.


Here is how AMT warranty harmonizes with diverse markets to achieve profitable goals:


For Manufacturers - Being a best warranty provider, AMT Warranty has the ability to administer unique equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) warranties by giving:


In-bound telephone calls

Triage services

Claims adjudication

Service dispatch Service fulfillment

Service Center Network Management

Outsource insurance coverage liability

Aftermarket initiatives including ESPs, surveys, quality assurance and much more


Regarding Distributors - An excellent resolution pertaining to marketers will be AMT’s Protect-it card, a turnkey extended service plan that provides product security from the purchase date. This could present plans for distributors to sell in-store, together with offer to suppliers to offer to their shoppers.


Pertaining to Retailers - Retailers require easy and handy extended service plans in order to maintain their organization rewarding and their clients delighted. AMT can offer retailers with custom-made plans to suit their precise wants or perhaps using the Protect-it card system being a easy replacement for classic warranties.


There are several kinds of warranty options for different types of business. AMT Warranty takes a hands-on approach to help you in this specific selection simply by analyzing your current business as well as making recommendations which suit your company targets.


Different kinds of warranty plans for several business types are highlighted below:


Replacement plans - These kind of options cover the actual replacing of lower-priced new items along with become active following the expiration of the manufacturers' warranty. This specific replacement might be fulfilled by a physical replacement, gift certificate, voucher or even co-payable check and may include replacing the item with one of identical as well as better quality. Replacement programs would be best suited to purchases for instance mobile devices, cameras plus lower-cost electronics.


Repair plans - These kinds of programs come into action following your expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty, but usually cover repairs all over the quantity of the actual deal. LCD tvs and also laptops that depend on superior technology need pricey repairs, driving them to an ideal fit pertaining to repair plans. On-site repair programs are also available with regard to products that are not easily portable, enabling the customer to have the item serviced with out hassle.


Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) programs - ADH plans operate in conjunction with the manufacturer’s warranty starting on the date of purchase (DOP) and also cover areas not really qualified by the OEM. Items used on every day basis such as MP3 players, PDAs as well as laptops are excellent ways for ADH coverage. In contrast to normal repair plans, ADH plans cover replacement as well as repair of items which have accidentally been destroyed from typical everyday use.


There are various more features & benefits of AMT warranty. Regardless of your involvement, dealing with AMT will almost allways be useful for you in several ways, that are as follows:


A substantial national service center network.

Depot services.

Usage of web-based program with regard to monitoring all aspects of programs.

Personalized marketing materials and sales training.

Full disclosure of information concerning clients' ESP programs which includes sales, claims as well as profitability.


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AMT Service Corp Excels At Responding To the Needs of Businesses

AMT Warranty does a great job at figuring out in addition to replying to the needs of businesses in the targeted marketplaces, and they provide a selection of programs to serve those demands. You may be seeking a personalized program or a turnkey technique, AMT Warranty includes a program, which can be right for you.


Products and Plans AMT Service Corp present are as follows:


1. Extended Service Plans


2. Original Equipment Manufacturers’ Warranty


3. Home Warranty


4. The Protect-it Plan


These plans via AMT Warranty are offered to retailers, distributors and manufacturers in the wide range of industries, including however not limited by:


Electronic Products


Computing devices, Peripheral devices and Accessories


Power Tools


Lawn and Garden Equipment


Fitness Equipment






Home Office Devices




Optics and Eyewear




Yellow Goods


Home Warranty


Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)


Vehicle Service Contracts


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AMT Warranty

Amt Warranty Corp. provides extended service plans, original equipment manufacturers' warranties, and warranty card programs for businesses and consumers in the United States. The company’s services include customer care solutions, aftermarket solutions, program design and implementation, training and development, and business intelligence and data mining. It offers home warranty programs; and warranty program analysis, warranty and service program design, warranty business processing management, order acceptance processing, claims management, call center management, reporting, underwriting, regulatory compliance administration, warranty program training, advanced statistical analysis